Choir Initiation

9/16/06 - Morning Half

Well, I should have known something was up this morning, when my mom woke me up cleaning my room. AT 5:00 AM. However, that IS a normal time for her, so I thought nothing of it. I just went back to sleep.

About two hours later (6:54am) Toffee (my adorably cute puppie) woke me up with his barking. We had visitors - but at such a werid time. I was half awake, but not really, and tried to go back to sleep.

Two minutes later, two girls are telling me to get up (in my bedroom - I have no idea who they are) and handing me a shirt.

"Get dressed," my mom said.

So, they walked out (cuz ... i sleep in a bra, so yeah... ) and i got dressed (with teh new shirt and jeans) and brushed my hair. I didn't even have time for make up!!


So, they blind folded me -after, of course, telling me it was freshman choir initiation. They drove around, and stopped at this REALLY steep driveway, which they pulled into. They left me (still bind-folded) in the back seat, and went in. My intruction were to : not talk when the other person got in, and to scream, throw off the blind-fold and hit the brakes if the car started to roll. Obviously, I was VERY tense the entire 20 or so minutes they were gone.

So, the other girl got in, and we drove around, trying to call the last girls mom, because they didn't kow where she lived. They stopped at the parking lot outside BigLots and Thor's Hammer and Eastbound, and chased pigeons. In a car. With me and Elise (the other girl) blind-folded.

So, eventually, after asking me if I knew Jackie and calling a bunch people, we found her address (from MY mom) and went there. I'm sure the pigeons were VERY happy we left.

So, we got Jackie, and drove to Alecia's (my big sis and one of the two girls) house, and waited for Kirsten and her girls to show up. Pretty much all of them had been to the game last night (football)and hadn't gotten any sleep, so they were all pretty pumped. And hyper. Expecially ... Kendall. She was bouncing off the walls. Literally.

So, we did this little fear factor thing, but we did the sissy girl version. Thank GOD!! The first group all picked shaving cream, and toothpaste, and nuked + salted V8 juice. But, we were all blindfolded.

Of course, I was in the second group, and i picked the whipped cream, toothpaste, and limonade. I was lucky. The girl next to me, for the second choice, got lucky and picked icing, but she spit it out, and said YUCK!! and I thought she'd had the toothpaste too. She scared teh older girls who were running it - they thought they'd messed up the ingredients.

Then, they told us all about homecoming, and how we should be careful ther and wear comfy shoes, cuz there are all sorts of needles and stuff on the floor. And, they told us to try to stay away from teh freshman boys, cuz they don't dance, and teh girls end up having to do all the work. They just kinda stand there. But, that's like middle school, so no surprise there.

Then, we played musical chairs warrior-style (we're the warriors) and they took pictures ()

We all drove to Rudy's for breakfast tacos after that, but had a hard time parking cuz there were so many people. WE called all alecia's and kayla's guy friends on the way there. Ever notice how guys sound EXACTLY alike on the phone? Tis weird....?

So, had a egg and sausage breakfast taco (yum!) and a Dr. Pepper. This, however, has NOT removed the taste of tooth paste.

Sorry for the emoticon there, but it fits fairly well.

So, they drove everyone home, and here I am. My first entry. Woot. Yay. Happie day.


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Study Group


Well, i woke up at six am this morning, but i went right back to sleep after that. I woke up again at 7:48, and stayed in bed till 7:52 ... but I couldn't get back to sleep. So, I got up, and put on .. more clothes... (don't ask...)


Got on Gaia for a bit .. earned gold, and replied to the few million messages i had. Then, I took a shower, and had breakfast. Got back on Gaia for a bit. Then, hurriedly got dressed for church, and got in the car.


We got to church at about 10:12, and my brother and I went to youth group. It was ... boring. Tory provided comic relief, but, no offense, I hate church. I think it's enough that I believe God exists without having to do Bible study things and stuff.


went to choir (which is pretty much the only thing I love about church) and we sang a Tenebre something. I forgot the other part of the name ... *heh*


We went to the grocery store across the street and got lunch and milk. Woot...


Got back, and called Star after my dad told me she'd called while we were at the grocery store. so, I called her back, and she told me we were gonna meet at her house for a study group for my Pre-Ap geography class, because we have a test thursday. Side not:: we all hate Ms. Cassady. She's so .. weird. She quizzes/tests us over things she says in class, so we have to take notes on EVERYTHING she says. I had hoped not to have to do that till 12th grade/College. I'm in 9th grade, though, and she makes us do that. *mentally stabs teacher*


So, hung out on Gaia for a bit (yesh, i spend a lot of my spare time on Gaia ... however, i'm questing for two rather expensive items ... my attendence may drop off a bit after I get them..) and then got ready to go to star's, You know the drill - check make up, change out of skirt and eat a mint. (bad breath is just that - bad)


Drove over there, and we basically did everything BUT study. Her puppy, Roxie, is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! It tried to eat my fingers, though, so ... yeah. But, t'was all okay, cuz I've had practice on mine and my other friends' puppy (and mine was twice as big as hers)


So, got back, and got back on Gaia. Yeah ... i have no life. I'm about to go read for a bit, though.


And ... that was my day. Exciting, neh? not really, but, hey, can't please everyone..


PS:: I get to see Adrian tomorrow!!! *heart* I absolutely LOVE him!! And, i hae no idea why... he's such an ass. OH well.... *swoon* i would trade most ANYTHING if he would just ask me to homecoming.... but, not ANYTHING. He's not worth some stuff.... *heh*

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As my school days are relatively boring, I shall not post them .. except to say that .. I SAW ADRIAN TODAY!!!


And, since i'm bored, I shall write...


Jessie looked up from her book, just in time to see her friend Mark enter the room.

"Hey, Mark, what's up?" she closed the book, hoping to get to talk to him for a bit. They hadn't spoken in awhile, and she really liked him.

"Nothing much, you?" he came and sat down on the navy-blue sofa next to her.

"The usual. Homework, clothes, guys," she replied casually. He still didn't know about her crush, and she wanted to keep it that way.

He nodded, reached over, and grabbed her book. "So, what'cha been readin'? Nothing bad, riiiight?" she smiled, challenging her.

"Oh yes, nothing bad. That's your department," she shot back.

"And how would you know what I read, unless you looked at it?" he had her there.

Laughing, she grabbed the book back from him, and stood up, stretching.

"I have to go back to the dorms, now, Mark," she said. "Wanna ride?"

He thought about it for a moment. "Sure. Jason drove me out here, and I'm sure he'll be stoned by the time I'm ready to go. The only reason he comes out here to the library is for the bars."

She nodded. "Why'd you ask him to take you?"

"No reason," he replied, and then abruptly changed the subject. "Where are you parked?"

"South side of the parking garage." she answered. "Can I meet you out there? I have to check out this book."

"No, it's okay, I'll go with you to check it out,"

They walked together to the counter, and chatted while the librarian checked out the books. Jessie retrieved them off the counter, and they strolled out of the library.

When they reached her car, she dumped the books in the backseat, and slid into the driver's side. She started the ignition, and backed out. Mark sat silently in the passenger seat - he got carsick easily, and therefore never spoke much in cars.

She turned on the radio as they drove to his apartment, choosing a mix station, and then changing it to a rock one when commercials began to air.

When they arrived at the gate she said goodbye, and he left. Alone once more, she drove the rest of the way home. She parked in her spot, and took out the keys to the hosue she and her four friends shared.

She dumped her keys back in her purse, and walked in, making sure to lock the door behind her. She hurried off to her room, and then remembered the books. She'd left them in the car.

She rushed back outside, and grabbed, them, and then re-entered the house. She walked to her room, and changed to a camiand boxer shorts. She turned off all the lights, and was just about to sleep when-



"Alicia! Alicia! Wake up!" her mom shook her as she began to open her eyes. She felt as though she'd only just fallen asleep.

She rushed through her shower, and pulled on a pair of pants, and a t-shirt, hoping she hadn't worn either already this week. They smelled okay...

She grabbed a poptart, and last nights homework and her backpack, and rushed out the door, and to her bus stop. She ended up being early, anyway, so she finished her science paper. She gobled up the poptart, and was ready to face her school whe nthe bus arrived.

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