...and i re-appear.



So, last week i auditioned for my part (or soon-to-be part, i hope!) in the school's production of les miserables. or le mis, as i like to say. well, according to my voice teacher, who was also a judge, i did pretty well. for the part i wanted, anyway. didn't know what she meant by the last part, but since my tiny stature of only 4'11" pretty much secrures me a short person, and my audition piece for Young Cosette went over so well, i think i'm gonna get it. ^.^

in other news, got my first two c's. no - i'm not asian. just... smart enough to get bs and as all the time.  

Na notícia da música, eu, no fato, tenho a notícia. o lírio Allen é meu mais melhor e artista mais favoritest novo. amá-la. não pode esperar até que a versão americana de seu Cd britânico sai.

that's about it.  

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I just finished watching all the Superbowl commercials, since i didn't watch the actual live version. most of them were pretty good, i have to say. i give this year... a seven. yup.


i have an english paper due on friday - i should really get started on it, exspecially since i have cabaret rehearsals and stuff all week. we preform on thursday and friday.


my blog is so disjointed - i feel sorry for anyone who manages to find it and actually make since out of what it is saying. yups...


Last night i had my first dream since...that one... i get this one dream all the time. itsh really scary, too. and i sleepwalk almost everytime i have it. it sucks. but this new one was pretty cool. first, i ran away to france, and then to spain and then i got to wear some kind of gypsy mask, before some guy kicked me out cuz he thought i was gonna steal his camera case to put my money in. then, i was back in this store, and i saw this guy i knew and his gf and i followed them in a jeep back to the us. next, i learned my parents were gonna kill me cuz i was gonna be king or somethin so i formed a union and ... then mom sneezed downstairs and woke me up. and four in the morning. *makes a face*

if you've never heard my mom sneeze - you are very lucki. it the LOUDEST sneeze you will EVER hear. i can hear it, through a door, a stairwell and several walls. and i'm usually not waked by thunderstorms right outside my window. that's how loud. scary, neh?


anyway, tomorrow i'm gonna drill and run through my music theatre music. probably for galbrosh and cosette and fantine.

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Well, this sucks.

I think this is my worst day this week so far. Where i wasn't confined to my sofa with food poisoning. that pretty much trumps everything.

well, in le mis i did get a part. not a singing part (do they not like my voice???) but i do get it for every single show. i get to be a little, snotty rich girl. hmm... that's... interesting. i thought i was that already. whatever.

now that that's out of the way, on to my week. monday, out with food poisoning. tuesday, back at school, but nothing too exciting. wednesday, skipped choir and watched tv. thursday (today) was awful.

good news is i passed one of my two three-page piano pieces i've been working on. it was the love theme from pocahontas - if i never knew you. disney's had some good music for piano, i've noticed.

bad news next. first of all, itsh just that time of month. oh, and lucky me, because i swim (sometimes, now) i skip months at a time, and that just makes it all the worse. oh yeah. second, i got some news today that should have thrilled me but, since i wanted something else to happen, of course i'm not as happy. i'm so selfish, sometimes. there's been some other stuff, of course, but most little things next to those two. just kinda ruined my day.

okay, well, that's it for now. i'll post again when i have more news.

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