Prostitutes and Drugs

I got home today, and that's what my brother is watching. A 'Wild West Tech' show about prostitutes and drugs. And, even better, I walk in the room, not even paying attention, and he pauses it, and waits till I leave. Ah... I luv my lil bro.

Anyway, my software keeps crashing. No idea why. Guess I'm back to using the actual website. They updated a lot of stuff. I like the look. But the design is mostly the same - except the cool pink bg i had that was like my meebo is gone. Boo!

Gots to go right now - snack buying time. More later.

 It seems I'm home again. Fun fun, neh?

WEll, that went okay. I now have a vid of Hailey and Emmi doing dances to 'I've been working on the Railroad'. It's better you didn't ask.

Also, my grandpa is gonna go into hospice sometime this week, my aunt thinks. i might have to suddenly disappear to go to his funeral, so all who read this and notice my sudden departure, know now that that would be why.

Tomorrow I have music theater rehearsal. And i'm broke. Guess i'll have to mooch off mom to get dinner. she's supposed to have given me money, anyway.

Guess that's really all. Bye, then.

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I have a few stories to tell...

Ah. The blog. I haven't been here in ages. Gaia neither, but i'm getting back. Only bad thing? Summer. I NEVER get on unless VERY bored in the summer.

First things first, i got an early bday present. A brand new camera. Well, two kinda. Ones really nice, with a few detachable lens and a 300x zoom (*drools*) and the other is a really cute, smaller, portable one. I luffles them both!

Other great news? I have watermelon shorts. Plaid watermelon shorts. I'm more likely to wear the jean ones tomorrow, but maybeh...

Anywayz, today I was talking with jojo, and we decided it would be SO cool to eat sunlight. Just lie in the grass, making munching sounds. Or have leafy green things roll off your fingers and absorb sunlight. Awesome. Then there was hobo-watching. That... not so great. Don't even ask...


AHH! And i forgot something verily importante! Les Miserables - a total success! *spins  in a cirlce*


Roadtrip, rae emmie hailey laura morgan amy emma april and... eveyrone else. *eheh* we're going to DALLAS! (first time since i was six, y'all)

AND - i'mma gonna go to a the fray and gomaz concert! *jumps for joy*

man so much good news. time for some bad to break it up.

i got shots. between three and six. i'll just let you guess how many. just guess. go ahead - guess.







































hope you guessed, cuz i'm not telling. i'm trying to forget about them all,thankyouverymuch.

more good stuff? sorry - forgot it all. yeah, i walked away for a bit... too bad.


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