returned for a while ... again.

Well, between everything that's happened, i think it's completely and totally normal i've been gone for so long. finals, memorials, funerals, packing, unpacking... and all in a few short weeks.

my grandpa was cremated, and buried in a little plot. we went to see grammie and... she thinks the queen came to visit right after her husband did, and offered to fly them down to her apartment in england. yeah. but i still love her. and aunt sharon..? drink a glass of jack every night and smokes like there's no tomorrow. but she's gettin better.

as for the rest of the summer...? expect to see me little. next week - photography camp in galvaston. with my mom's new camera that if i break, i'll have to sell me car. (ACK!) on friday (of this week) i'm getting me permit. i just hope i can actually pass the test... i feel like i'm gonna fail. then, beth's engagement parteh. then - a week at uncle charley's for fourth of july. next up - surgery. and then - CONCERT!!! I'M GONNA GO SEE THE FRAY/THE GOMEZ!!!*yells and jumps around for joy* and then, we're going on a roadtrip to yellowstone. after all that, if i have time, i'll see about my birthday. maybeh. which reminds meh... what does star want? i can probably give it to andi to give to star since i'll be away for her party.... hmm... *ponders*


well - time to go unload the dishwasher. chores call to me (*blegh*)  

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Back from camp

Feels good to be back. Nice to get lots of sleep, too.

So - what went on at camp? well, see, i'd luv ot fill you in this blog, but i'm too lazy to type that much, and i'm about to be kicked off. wait til the next installment, please.

however, i can say that tomorrow i will be aquiring a certain slip of paper that will allow me to drive with a license driver riding shotgun. very exciting news (if i pass, that is)

also, gonna go see shrek 3 with dad, jess, sabrina, and of course, muah. (meself)

also, when my family begins our epic journey to wherever the hell we end up going, my mom wants me to be in charge of the travelblog. what the hell is a travelblog?!? oh well... just so long as she doesn't snop into this one.

and, that's all for tonight. i'll try to get in a longer one tomorrow, and put in some writing time, and hopefully get that up as well.



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Well, congrats to me - i earned my permit! however, i was told i need to study my signs better. oh well... nobody's perfect.

right before i sat down to write this particular blog, i was reading this book and thinking about some stuff - nothing too serious or creepy, but containing a little of both of those - when this odd little fly showed up. ordinarily, they go away when you sho them off. this one won't go away though. and - still thinking in that particular mindset - i got the feeling that maybe i wasn't really a good person, all rotted on the inside or something, and the fly was there to tell me something. i dunno. it was really weird. next weird bit - i've walked into three different rooms, and it follow me into every one of them. stalker fly. and now i'm itchy.

oh well - suppose it'll go away eventually.

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Well, i'm officially back from camp, but i haven't been doing much. Waking up at 5 to do some driving in the mall parking lot before actually waking up, driving to friend's houses, goign out to eat, dealing with some major headaches, and crashing into imaginary parked cars. But i did drive on 620. go me.

the weather here really has me down, though. not only does rain make me want to stay inside, it also gives me some pretty bad headaches. yeah, i would love to go dancing or swimming in the rain, but between tylenol failing me more than once, and depressing rain vibes, i just haven't actually done any of that. not to mention thunder makes my dog act weird. i hope it stops soon.

what's coming up - hopefully the procedure, beth's engagement party (which i'm afraid i'm unable to make now) and uncle charley's 4th of july thing (the reason i'm not going to the party T.T)

however, despite the rain, the hole in my foot from that stupid burr thingie, and mild cramps, this week wasn't so bad. i actually managed to do something with my bro that didn't involve a TV. we played comp multiplayer games practically all week. meh - some people may say that's not much of an improvement, but to hell with them. i can't say it didn't keep me entertained.

and i bought not only two new charles de lint books (not quite so new - i buy most of his out of order) and volume one of nana. which does remind me - i need to look at that .75$ copy of demon diary. amazingly cheap, no? i find my sources ... useful. ^.^

other than that - there's not much to report. but, i did decide on one major thing during my long hours of house-bound contemplation - i don't need a bf. or, really, want one. unless i find some amazingly hot and non brain-dead guy over this break, i'm not looking for one at school any more. i can like 'em all i want, but i'm not dating them. and, no, there will be no reason given here. that's for me, only.

shrek three, by the way, don't go see it. little kids -they'll eat it up. but, seriously, just wait for the dvd. i was good, but not movie theatre great. next on the movie list - nancy drew. i swore i'd never go see it, till mom and aunt sharon both wanted to go, and carolyn told me it was actually good. so, see it i think i shall.

and now - the end of the blog. i hate ending these things - i'm never quite sure what to say. kind of like eating bread in a restaurant (which i'm not sure how its to be done, either. at least i can do everything else, eh?) either ' got to go' or 'time to eat' or 'and now i'm off to play video games'? none of those fit. more like conversation enders. ah, me. guess this'll just have to do.




(but - seriously, someone PLEASE teach me some good enders. or tips. or something. and if you know about the bread thing, tips or ideas for that might be nice. #^.^)

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