They itch like crazy.

I'm not kidding. when you have surgery, you tell me how your own stitches feel, but my (12, i think) itch like crazy. not to mention the painful, dissolving ones underneath the top ones. I can't WAIT till these things come out. plus, i have to keep them nice and clean - no swimming for me. (*cries*) showering is ... difficult, but i'm allowed to get non-chlorinated water on them, so it's better. did i mention my bro got a new super-soaker last month. that's been fun, too. ARGH!


okay. rants over. i'm better now. honestly, the worst part was the actual surgery. they kept me awake, much to my dismay. the smell was the worst, i think.


the rest of my summer's been great, though. we're about to go on a big roadtrip, camp next week, baseball game tomorrow, gonna go see the fray and the gomez, and then total relaxzation and b-day (maybeh) planning. i dunno if i'm gonna have it anymore. it's kinda late, it's been rainy, ect, ect. but, i'll still see...


and why i've been avoiding the comp? well, i don't go online bunches in the summer. it's kinda a thing i do. weird, i know, but i don't care. i don't really stay in touch over the summer. when school starts up again, don't worry, cuz i'll be online 24/7. summer, though, i'm away from my friend's soap opera lives. not that they're bad, but sometimes it's a little much. that's why i would probably never have a bf at my own school. (or, really, at all.)


but, the sims, i've discovered, can eat up HOURS of my time. and i would make an unbelievable architect. no, really. i'm amazing. (i know - so modest, but seriously, i am fairly good)

and that's all for this month.

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