Sniff sniff.

My hair is cut. I asked for layers and shorter bangs and... they gave me actual bangs. i look like i did in third grade. xP

Alas... there is nothing i can do.

but - there IS good news. my stitches are gone! out! forever banished! all twelve of them! now... the understitiches must go. you know - the ones under the skin that are supposed to dissolve? well... they are annoying. but not itchy.

and i don't have to go dress shopping for homecoming. i still have that dress from the choir banquet - the 200 dollar one (and it was on sale *YIKES*), and i'm wearing that. i just need to get good shoes. better than the ones i wore to banquet. those will work but...

but, with homecoming comes - you guessed it - school. at least i get to see everyone. i might have a party, but i dunno. it'll probably be an at-home, girls maybe sleep over thing. maybe birthday, maybe back-to-school. i dunno. very undecided on that.

and i finally got a wii. i know - so lame. but at least we have one. and jess insists on leaving the 'cube plugged in. don't know why.

and that's all. laters! 

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My new contacts came in. They didn't have purple/violet/indigo, so i went with grey. kinda dumb, actually, since my eyes change colour by themselves, but i mostly just wanted to see how they worked/felt, stuff like that.


That's all i really feel like writing. wow. have a nice evening! 

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I've had a thought

I  was thinking... why didn't i just pick the bigger room, and not have to worry about the stupid a/c!?


First, it closes my door. like an auto-door thing.

second, it's always colder in my room

third, it drains to my sink, clogs it AND COVERS MY STUPID ROOM IN SINK WATER! EWWW!!

and i only notice this at 10:00 at night, so mom's pissed at me, and i .. have nowhere to sleep. but at least it wasn't really my fault. that slimy stuff in the drain proves that.

Well, as to the rest of my life, tis all good. went to the beach. there's too many people there, the sun is amazing in the morning, and lynde's coming over in about 30 min. so, i'm gonna go ahead and finish this up, cuz i really have no more news.

school starts soon...

gonna buy new clothes..

my rooms a mess/wet..

and i'm bored. byes! 

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