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Tiny Dancer

Elsie rummaged through the pile of boxes, looking for the odd pieces of knick-knack she so ovd and that her grandfather had just given her. She pulled out various things – a small bronze dog, costume jewelry, etc – before Grandfather emerged from the stairwell.

“Hullo,” she said, returning to the box, and sneezing as vast quantities of dust burst from it.

“Find anythink yet, enkelin?”

“Oh, yes, there are some wonderful things here. Thank you so much for letting me have them.”

“Nine nine, it vas nothink. Dey only serve to gather dust now.”

From the bottom of the box, Elsie pulled out a tiny music box. It was intricately carved, and inlaid with mother-of-pearl. There were two words inscribed on the top - 'Моя любовь.' Her grandfather chuckled as he look at it.

“Ah, I vas vondering when dat would show up again,” He took the box, and gazed at it, as if looking at a dear friend.

“What is it?” Elsie was intrigued by the strange greeting he'd given the box.

“An old friend,” he replied. “Vant to hear a story about this little mädchen here?”

She turned around and made herself comfortable. “There's a story with that one?”

“Of course. She is a very special tänzer, you see...”


“Klaus! Klaus! Come quickly!” The woman's shouts were barely audible over the sounds of the blizzard outside.

“Emiline? What are you doing outside? And during such a storm. Come inside this instant!”

The woman obeyed, but brought the tiny basket inside with her. A sleeping infant lay within, sound asleep despite the storm outside.

“Look at what God has given us, Klaus! A baby girl, the very thing we wanted.” Her faced was snowcoved, but shone with a glow he hadn't seen since they'd gotten married and run off to join the ballet. “Isn't she beautiful, Klaus?”

Klaus leaned over and looked into the basket. The infant girl was beautiful, her features looked as though they belonged on a porcelain doll rather than a human baby. Wisps of black hair, as fine as spun silver, covered her head.

While his wife took the child out of the basket, he pulled out the blankets, and discovered a note and a small, wooden box.

The child is yours to keep,

But 'ware – open the box,

And child and dreams both

Will be gone.

Klaus studied the note for a few moments, and then slipped it into his pocket along with the box, deciding to show it to Emiline once the baby was settled.

He took out his pipe, and puffed for only a few moments, before becoming restless, and getting up to prowl the small front room of their apartment. Outside, the snow was beginning to settle, and the winds were dying down. Dawn's light was seeping over the horizon, lighting everything it touched with the pale light of morning. The room opened to the east, but the curtains were drawn so only faint traces slid inside. Klaus, still uneasy, continued to pace, but stopped when his wife re-entered.

“What's wrong, love?” Her English accent brought a slight smile to his lips, and he silently gave her the note and box. She studied it for a moment, before replying. “Where should we hide it?”

“Somewhere safe. Somewhere no one will ever think of looking for it.”

“And where, Klaus, is such a place?”

“I have no idea. I was hoping you would help me figure that out.”
“Hmm... for now, until we know or can tell her, perhaps, we should keep it safe. It should always be with one of us, or hidden where a child can never get to it.”

Klaus pocketed the box, extinguished his pipe, then hugged her. “What would I do without you?”

“Get along somehow, with a different girl, perhaps.”

“There's no girl for me but you.”

She laughed. “Come, we should practice before today's performance.”



I love writing stuff, but i hate that i can never finish it. just once, i would like to write something all the way through without deciding that it needs major changes. Por que yo no estoy contenta con este???

I'll see if i can find any more stuff... ah! here we go. this one's alright. however, it's un-editted, so it's probably worse than that one up there...



Stories say that, in the beginning, there were only two - the Light and the Dark. It was only much later that the five others came, although some earlier than others. It's said that the first two were at, not exactly war, but a kind-of war. A mental one. They created the first beings – Demons and Angels, and in doing so, summoned up the other five. With these two warring peoples, they needed Time, and Earth and Fire and Wind, and so on. But then something changed. The Dark and Light developed relationships with the others, and became less so. They became just a little more grey, until they re-defined themselves. Sun and Moon. The hatred transformed into a strange kind of love. While their people continued to fight, none-the-less, the two were less eager to help spread the fight. And, while all that was happening, the other five established their own peoples. Earth had her humans, and elves and so on. Fire created worlds and realities with great, fiery beings. Wind created Dragons, and others who would survive in her cloudy, wind-swept worlds. Time kept everything together. But Water... Water kept all of their people alive, and she created no children of her own until much later. But, because she was the youngest, and the least corrupt by the elder two's ancient arguments, and wars, she was given yet another power to help keep their current worlds together and safe – she was given responsibility over the dimensions. She was put in charge of making sure everything was stable, a difficult thing for a Goddess so young. She created three worlds – Atlantis, Cael and Vespai, and a shadow realm that bound all three together, and was only as large as the imaginations of those who travelled there. A dream world, some might say. But it allowed that all dimensions should meet in those three worlds, and that any who travelled worlds must, even if it is wasn't even noticed, pass through them.

Still, she created no children of her own. She waited until almost 2 milenia had passed, before she made her final perfections. She was wary of having her children come out as the early elves and humans had, but also not wanting them to be too peaceful. The Daemons came first, and of that we are very proud. She created us at first to merely be Shape shifters, skin changers, etc, but when certain tribes of us formed bonds with certain creatures, she allowed us to split our souls and bind them with that of an animals, a bond we are fiercely proud of. Atlatians came next – the 'mer-people' who only took on their near-human form in their domed, underwater cities. The last were a strange people, a people whose home would have been Vespai but for an accident. They were left stranded in every other world – great behemoths of the Sea, created to protect and guard her most sacred treasure. To this day, those to manage to travel to Vespai find it not a wonderful place, but a barren wasteland. It is rumored that the treasure the creatures were designed to protect was her heart – the most pure part of her that she took from herself, and hid carefully and safely, to prevent herself from corrupting it. Only a small portion is said to still beat within her, enough that she can still feel it, but not enough for her to influence it beyond just her purest emotions. “

Excerpt from “History of our Goddess, Volume Two”


Meh. It needs work.






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