Well, look who's back!

Yeah! Isa Mario.


What? Not exciting enough?! What do you want... Mickey Mouse???


OH. I see how it is. Mickey gets ALL the cool-ness. Well... you suck.




...*walks off*


Remember that very first story I wrote in here? About the girl with two lives? I spent the last twenty minutes of my essay time writing some more of that, only to mix up some of the facts. Go figure. Good thing i spent 1/2 that time doodling.

Doodling, i've found, is very relaxing. I bet it cures something. like, The Common Cold. Yeah...


Well, I bet you are wondering how my day went. that's what blog-thingies are for, right? Well, even i don't care too much about my day. Just the important stuff. LIke that i'm not watching finding nemo right now. and i should be. but SOMEBODY came home and SOMEBODY was mad at a certain brother of mine, so SOMEBODY made ME stop watching MY movie. It's not like nobody's ever seen finding nemo. geez... T.T


Oh, yeah, right, day. Uhh...

So there's one girl who I want to be swallowed up by the earth and to never appear in my life again. ever. she just needs to go. away. forever.

There's also two guys i want gone. one is david kelly (kelley?) He gives off this scary stalker vibe that, need-less-to-say, scares me. what else do scary stalker vibes do? And the other one? He's nice, but he follows me around and i really hate to be mean, but i don't like him, and i don't want another 'jeff' predicament. that was SO awkward. in my defense, though, he WAS the only guy in my class. literally. there was us two, and the teacher. it was forced, i swear.


The rest of my day was spent mostly doing work and stuff.















































































I wonder how many spaces that is... probably like a hundred. but - who cares?

12.9.07 04:32

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