if you don't get it, look at pirates and ninjas. *shifty eyes*


Today was ... today-ish.

I feel SO bad, though. I had to ignore this one kid for certain reasons, and i feel AWFUL about it. i'll apologize tomorrow - i just can't do this whole 'mean' thing. (don't laugh - it's true)


And i tried to continue the story from the first couple of entries, but i only remembered alicia's name. I gave her a life/friends, but i couldn't remember anything about what i'd written for the other chick. But, i had two people read it over, and both of them liked what i'd written. i'll edit it and put it on here when i've done four pages in a spiral. It'll probably still look short on a computer, though.

my eye itches...







homecoming game is in a week, dance in two weeks. i'll probably just go with a group. the guy i'd simply love to ask has a gf. i sure know how to pick 'em, eh? i could go with micheal again, i suppose. only we didn't really go 'together' last year. i just drove him cuz he couldn't.


kay, well, i'm gonna go find something fun and amusing to do with my life. and print off the other stuff on that story from earlier. toodles! 

13.9.07 03:34

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