AH the short stories

They keep bombarding me. No - I'm not kidding. I was taking a shower a couple weeks ago and this one about a music box dancer hit me (did i post that one here yet?) and then two mornings ago, I got this one about fairy-dust. But that one i can blame on the pretty silver-looking bubbles. The music box dancer, well, i dunno.

I earned forty bucks this month. That's exciting. Can't wait till i get a real job. But then i'll have to go EVERY night, and get hours, and ... ick. nevermind. babysitting works. flexible hours, nice clients, i'm good. little einstien's is just a bad side effect.

BTw - i taught a three-year-old to be a drive-by shooter. well, me and his parents. he had this water gun, and he wanted to shoot me (in the car) but we told him to shoot the people outside. so, he rolled down his window and, yeah, shoot some cars. intense, eh?


That's all for now. my stomach hurts. later. 

27.9.07 04:09

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