That is it.

God damn German websites and their comments! May I get rid of all bog commentary for EVER! ARGH! I'm sick of ignoring the comp, then coming back and spending twenty fucking minutes sifting through guestbook entries. off we go to find a new blog.



...or mario could just realize that she never has to actually read the guestbook entries and move on. which sounds good cuz i don't wanna find a new blog. mostly cuz i'm lazy


anyways, i'm going to give all my xmas presents tomorrow. if i forget anyone, sorry, but i've been taking meds all day and am kinda out of it. but i'm pretty sure i got everyone.

I also got to leave school two hours early. nifty, eh? gotta go see if i missed anything in nutrition, though. blegh.


other than that, there's not much to report on. life's alright. not sick. nobody died (as far as i know) and  all's pretty normal...


but we did get a wii. that could be important. haven't played it much, but i will. just as soon as tos 2 comes out. i wait for the day...



12.12.07 02:44

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